Warm Bamboo


Meridians Signature Treatment

Ontake Warm Bamboo is Meridians’ award-winning signature treatment. Developed here in Malaysia by Meridians’ senior practitioner Oran Kivity, Ontake Warm Bamboo is a moxibustion technique, the application of heat to the acupuncture points and channels.

A short piece of bamboo is filled with moxa wool. When the moxa is ignited, the bamboo gets warm and can be applied to the skin as a heated massage tool. The bamboo can be held, tapped, pressed or rolled rhythmically on the skin.


Meridian Frequencies

Additionally, with the use of a metronome, these techniques can be applied at specific frequencies of beats per minute. This Meridian Frequency Moxibustion is an extension of the pioneering work on the meridian frequencies and the effect of different frequencies on muscular tension.


When you need to relax in a hurry!

From a patient’s point of view, this is an extremely relaxing treatment. The warmth of the bamboo, the smell of the burning moxa and the ticking of the metronome combine almost hypnotically to calm and relax the mind and allow the knots in your muscles to melt away.

Till now Warm Bamboo has only been offered as a complementary therapy during the acupuncture sessions but  from May 2013 Meridians is offering whole body stress-relieving bamboo treatments for people who need to relax and unwind.


Learning Bamboo

Meridians also offers short courses in Warm Bamboo. The treatment can be used as a highly versatile branch treatment to treat symptoms or as a general root treatment in its own right. The rhythmic application of heat is used for stress relief, to soften tight muscles, relieve pain and improve the movement and function of Ki and blood.

Different courses are available for people with or without a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory.

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