The Thursday Fast Track Walk In Clinic

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We had noticed for a long time that our clinic hours don't suit everyone, especially those who work late. KL traffic being what it is, some people just can't get to us by 6pm and of course, Saturdays are often fully booked. So some of you find it hard to get an appointment when you need one. For these reasons, we decided to trial a walk in clinic  one  evening a week.

So from today our doors are open for acupuncture without an appointment to anyone who shows up, from 5pm till 9pm. Realistically, that means you have to be there by 830pm to get seen. Sessions will be half the time of our daytime sessions, just twenty minutes and  also half the price.

The clinic is open to adults and children who have already had acupuncture with Oran before. New patients must still go through an hour's consultation by appointment.

So if you need acupuncture and can't find the time to book, if you work late and can't get into the clinic during our normal operating hours,  try the drop in on Thursday nights.


Thursdays: 1700 till 2100
Cost: RM80

Duration: roughly 20 minutes,