Muscular tension can be a significant factor in many health complaints. Sotai is a body therapy from Japan designed to release muscular tension in a gentle way. The core idea of Sotai is that you don’t try and fight stiffness and resistance in the muscles directly. Instead, you stretch in the opposite direction to the tightness.


Doing Sotai at home

Sotai exercises are good for anyone with structural aches and pains such as stiff neck, tight shoulders and back pain. You can easily learn a sequence of self-help sotai exercises, designed to treat muscular tension and pain.

These exercises can relieve stiffness and help to maintain a healthy and supple body. They take just a few minutes each day and can have a significant effect on your flexibility and tension.


Learning Sotai

Learning  an effective Sotai home exercise routine is a simple matter.  Meridians offers a single 30 minute lesson for RM110 to get you started on your own self-help Sotai programme.  The session price includes a detailed information sheet on the exercise sequence.