Out and About in Solaris and Mont Kiara

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Welcome to the second of our two blogs!

The main Meridians blog, Root and Branch is going to concern itself with the centre's bread and butter topics like workshops and trainings, health issues, treatments and 'serious' stuff like that. But this blog will be different…We'll be talking about bread and butter issues in a more literal way: where to eat and where to go!

It's very hard to eat out in a healthy way, especially in Solaris…so we're not going to try too hard…instead we are going to write systematic reviews of all the cool (and uncool) places to eat and hang out.

Whether it's food we're after, an elusive cup of good coffee, or an hour's exercise or fitness routine, we're going to chase it down and write it up…a light-hearted look at everything Out and About in Solaris and Mont Kiara!

Stay tuned!!!