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On the Radio


Yesterday saw a change of routine for the team at Meridians. Normally Monday is our day off but yesterday we spent the morning in Chillacup huddled over a list of questions sent to us by  radio producer Lee Chwi Lynn at  BFM the business station. 

The Benefits of Acupuncture and Shiatsu for Busy Professionals

Later that day we were booked to do a live interview on The Bigger Picture, BFM's afternoon segment.  We set off for the station's centre at Bandar Utamaafter lunch  feeling slightly nervous about the school traffic slowing us down but once we'd crawled our way past Mont Kiara it was plain sailing.

I had been on The Bigger Picture once before talking about Japanese Acupuncture.  Presenter Meera Sivasothy, together with producers Lee Chwi Lynn, Natalie Sia and Juliet Jacobs, focus on topics related to the human condition, including health. This time the focus was broader: on the benefits of acupuncture and shiatsu for busy professionals.  Lynn welcomed us warmly when we arrived. The BFM offices are large and open plan but I was struck by how quiet they were. People there work quietly! But I didn't have time to make more observations. Within a few short minutes it was time to join  Meera in the studio and go live.

I have to say Meera has a very grounding and  calm personality. She was able to put us at our ease very quickly and guide us through the interview. She was also able to draw out the main things that we wanted to talk about: the effects of Shiatsu and Japanese acupuncture on stress, and our work with corporations and business people in our corporate health programme.

As an additional bonus, Meera is very keen to interview our fermented foods workshop trainers Penny and Mary when they come to Malaysia next week.

So although a bit stressful for the interviewees, it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you Lynn and Meera and all at The Big Picture