Lewis Gene

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2013-02-05 14.32.11
Coffee with style and comfort

Lewis Gene is very different to your average coffee shop chain outlet. For a start, it’s not a chain, though it might end up as one. This is the first outlet. Secondly, it’s in a totally improbable location for a café –  on the first floor, directly above Chillacup, a competitor.

The interior is fashionable and trendy, with different kinds of  seating space, including sofas, tables and chairs and a long table that can seat eight or ten people.

The place is a coffee lovers dream. Unimaginably expensive chrome-faced coffee machines line one wall, the smell of roasted beans hangs in the air and clearly, all the staff can tell their affogato from their elbow. The coffee is damn good but if you’re not the sort of person who savours the brown elixir (did you know that caffeine is an insecticide used by the coffee plant to overload the nervous system of predating insects?), there are plenty of healthier alternatives including freshly squeezed juices. And with a small galley they can make a few basic all-day breakfasts right in front of you.


Lewis Gene attracts a different market from its high street neighbour Chillacup downstairs. You don’t see many mums and kids here and you don’t see that many older folk, although the directors of a certain nearby clinic have been sighted on numerous occasions. The demographic is clearly young, trendy and professional and you can certainly bring your mac and smartphone to the meeting. If you need to surf, there is a high speed Unifi connection and if you’re low on power, no table is far from an electrical outlet,

Once again, this is a place where the staff make an effort to get to know you. Uniquely (and bizarrely), the glass door is kept locked and staff have to buzz you in when you ring the doorbell. It seems counterintuitive to lock the door of a café but in actual fact, once you’re inside, it does give you a sense of peace and calm.

Lewis Gene is a few seconds walk from Meridians. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to relax, before or after your session, you can’t do much better than here.

Just above Chillacup, on the corner of Jalan Solaris and Jalan Solaris 3