Home made cooking like your mama used to make (if she was from Iran)

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A plate laden with rice, veg, bread and the most delicious chicken stew...
A plate laden with rice, veg, bread and the most delicious chicken stew…

Laziz is new. What before was an unfriendly and uninviting shop selling badly made Middle Eastern pastries has been taken over by Athena, a delightful Iranian woman whose charm is matched only by her cooking skills.

Laziz has started simply, offering a freshly cooked self-service buffet lunch and dinner. It’s inexpensive, it’s quick and quite simply the most delicious food we’ve tasted in Solaris. It's unpretentious home cooking, just like Mama used to make.

Good food speaks for itself and without any advertising or promotion, within a couple of weeks of opening, Laziz is starting to have full house at lunch time. Once you try their cooking, you have to come back!

This restaurant will do well.  It’s warm, friendly and personal. It’s clean and unpretentious. The food is reasonably priced and totally delicious.

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Baklava made with Athena’s Mum’s recipe…heavenly and light

The freshly baked Iranian pastries are glorious. Athena makes a point of letting guests try one for free. Soon enough there will be Turkish coffee on the menu. With electrical power points under each table, this will be a place to surf, sip, chat and eat throughout the day.