Finished the Documentary!

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A short documentary about training with the renowned blind acupuncturists in Japan

With a fifteen minute documentary on Toyohari finally completed, Oran writes a few words about the back story.

Filming since 2002

I did my initial training in Toyohari in Europe in 1999 -2000. Ever since my first trip to Japan in 2002 I’ve been back many times, studying and taking amateur video of the blind teachers of the association. Over this twelve year period I’ve built up quite a library of interesting clips.

With a bit of help from my friends

Sadly, I didn’t ‘t have the skills to edit them into anything meaningful so in 2013 I asked two friends to help me out. Jeff Lok, who had filmed the bamboo teaching videos for us,  came to Meridians and filmed some studio shots of me talking. These shots became the voice over for the documentary.

A doctor, not an engineer!

My other friend Eean knew what I had to do next. He made me sit down and write a timeline and second by second script for all the clips. This was a very laborious process, selecting a few seconds here and a few seconds there and putting them in sequence. To paraphrase Dr McCoy on Star Trek, I’m a doctor, not a script writer!

Nevertheless, order slowly grew out of chaos and I was able to create a story.

Final steps

Next came the editing, another laborious back and forth process.  Eean has a flair for editing and somehow he was able to enliven the clips with music and fast cutting to make something out of my experiences in Japan that to me feels very special and heartfelt

Yesterday I was up till 1am working on the subtitles for the YouTube version. It’s been a really long process but I think that’s pretty much it.

I hope you enjoy! More importantly, I hope you can see something of the cultural roots of what we do here at Meridians and the amazing skills of the blind practitioners that we aspire to!