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It’s friendly, it’s airy and it’s only 15 seconds walk from Meridians!


As a cafe/diner Chillacup has several big plus points: it’s got a great location, on a corner unit with good views and lighting. It’s 15 seconds walk from Meridians. The coffee tastes good. What’s more, the staff, a mix of local, Filipino and Nepalese are genuinely friendly and warm. You can always be sure of a warm welcome at Chillacup.

The café has struggled hard with its menu. To be honest, when they opened, the food really sucked. They’ve now revamped the menu and some of the dishes are not bad.  Not great but not bad. On the healthier side of the menu, they do freshly squeezed juices.

It’s a comfortable place, there’s free wifi and you're always made to feel welcome. And I’ll say it again, the coffee tastes good!

Chillacup is on Jalan Solaris, on the next block to Meridians