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Body Tone is weird science…but it seems to work!

Body Tone

As far as I’m concerned, Body Tone is in the realm of weird science. It’s a gym that does classes only, on machines that have been approved as medical devices.

In a nutshell, you do your workout standing on a vibrating plate. Imagine doing a bench press while lying on a washing machine on spin cycle and you’ll get the picture. Apparently, the constant vibration makes all your tiny muscles contract rhythmically while your big muscles are not only lifting the weights against gravity, but also against acceleration. And this is a Good Thing. Like I said, weird science.

The end result? More bang for your buck. You burn up a lot more in a simple 40 minute routine on spin cycle than you do at a normal gym, even using lighter weights.

They recommend that you go 2-3 times a week but I’m a very time-poor acupuncturist…I went once a week for a few months and felt very satisfied with the results. My aerobic fitness improved and my muscle definition and strength were noticeably better.

My experiences of fitness classes generally is that the instructor will always assume that you are stronger and fitter than you actually are. Body Tone is no exception to this and my advice to you is to follow your own instincts about what is good for you and what is not.  The instructors there are, without exception, skilled and attentive but ultimately, you are responsible for deciding whether or not you want to do a certain exercise. There are some, like deadlifts, that feel risky to me and I simply won’t do them. It’s my back, right?

The staff are friendly and welcoming. They know their stuff too.  The interior design is attractive and effective, with clean, well-maintained toilets and showers. There is a big menu of different classes to join but whichever focus you choose, it’s a tough work out. Tough but productive. If you’re bored with your usual gym routine, give them a go. They do a free introductory class but be warned, you’ll ache afterwards!!

Since my last course finished I’ve had some time out from Body Tone, and no, of course it’s not because I’m lazy – let’s just say I have motivationally challenging calorie expenditure issues –  but I plan to go back after Chinese New Year. No, really!


Body Tone is a few doors down from Chillacup, on Jalan Solaris 3