A Blast from the Past

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This week I've been tidying up some boxes. Today I found an old DVD that brought back many memories. A long, long  time ago in a galaxy far far away,  there was a little boy called Billy, who was scared of everything….

I had already been in practice in London for a few years but I had switched to Japanese acupuncture relatively recently, in around 1998. In 2001 or 2002 I wasn't really that experienced with treating kids. Nevertheless, little Billy's mum had heard of Japanese acupuncture for children and had brought him to see me for Shonishin.

At the age of two, Billy had some severe anxiety problems. He came for a total of three sessions which proved  life-changing for both of us. Most importantly, for him. he moved out of his anxious state in virtually an eye-blink. For me, I learned, in a very short period of time, some does and don'ts for treating children.

Shortly afterwards, Discovery channel did a series on complementary health care for children, called Complementary Kids. It was a six week series that focused on a different conditon in each episode.  I can't now remember how we got called in but they ended up reporting on Billy's story in an episode called Fear and Anxiety.

By this time, Billy was a very confident little child actor and we happily filmed some scenes of treatment, including the magical moment that Billy, in a show of trust,  had  asked me treat his teddy Bun Bun. I waffled happily on about acupuncture and 'the energy'', and today I'm not really sure I understand what I was talking about!

It's funny watching it all again. Billy must be a rowdy teenager by now. And that waffling acupuncturist had hair, dammit!

So I hope you find this clip interesting. If you have not seen Shonishin before, it will help you understand it a bit better. And if you have, you can  have a laugh at my expense.

So here we are, in London, more than a decade ago…and here I am in Kuala Lumpur in 2013, still treating kids and still  loving it!

Billy or Shelley, if you ever find this, please get in touch!


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