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Back in Bangsar

After a gap of some six years, I brought the  Meridians team back  to the ABWM house in Bangsar (just a few minutes walk from our former home clinic) to do a talk on traditional Japanese Healing Arts. The talk comprised a general introduction to Japanese healing methods and compared the differences between energy-based therapies like Zen Shiatsu with massage.

For example, a Shiatsu practitioner works on a futon so that she can lean with her body through her hands to press on the acupuncture meridian lines. This means that instead of using her muscle strength to press hard on points, her body can be relaxed as she applies pressure. Being tense inhibits the flow of energy in the practitioner. Being relaxed is the only way for her to get it to move.

Blind acupuncturists

I also chatted about Japanese acupuncture and how it has been influenced  by  blind acupuncturists. A technique commonly used in Japan by blind Toyohari practitioners is called ‘touch needling’. The needle is merely touched to the skin, not inserted. The practitioner focuses on using the needle as a channel for moving energy, rather than as a curative agent in itself. This means that Japanese acupuncture is all about the energy, not all about the needle.  Of course that makes it suitable for nervous adults and children.

Fragrant smoke

Later the Association house started to fill up with fragrant smoke as we demonstrated Meridians’ speciality treatment Ontake Warm Bamboo (pronounced on tah-kay). A heated tube of bamboo is rubbed, pressed or rolled on the acupuncture meridian lines and points. Two volunteers seemed to have very good reactions to their treatments. In the meantime, we  gave 15 minute chair Shiatsu to some very satisfied customers!

It was a really fun morning. It was really great for us British guys, far from London, to be surrounded by a group of British women, with all the accents of home around us. Afterwards the questions came thick and fast.

How should people choose which therapy is right for them?

Shiatsu and Warm Bamboo are used mainly for relaxation. Shiatsu is also for insomnia, stress and anxiety. For treating health problems we tend to use acupuncture more.

Is acupuncture good during pregnancy?

Yes it is useful for health maintenance, treating specific symptoms and inducing labour.

For more info

Do we do discounts for members?

Yes! From now on we will be offering discounts to ABWM members and their spouses, provided they bring a valid ABWM membership card each time. Members are entitled to a 20% discount on Zen Shiatsu and 10% on acupuncture. This discount does not apply to other discounted rates such as packages and is valid until 31 Dec. 2013.

When can we try Ontake Warm Bamboo?

From May onwards we will be launching our Ontake Warm Bamboo as a stand-alone treatment. This is aimed purely at relaxation and stress management and we are sure it will prove very popular.

Many thanks to everyone at ABWM for a wonderful morning!