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Japanese Acupuncture: A review of four styles

A 10,00 word technical article comparing four different approaches in Japanese acupuncture, first published in the European Journal of Oriental Medicine

Marian Fixler and Oran Kivity Download

Threads in Japanese Acupuncture

For the lay reader, the low down on two styles of acupuncture used at Meridians

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Tsunami relief work with an acupuncture team

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REVISITING SRI LANKA – Tsunami Relief 2006

More personal reflections on a second trip to Sri Lanka

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Acupuncture & Back Pain

An article on back pain and a sharp comment from Meridians about the misunderstood concept of ‘sham acupuncture’ as a control in research

Hello Magazine UK Version, Oct. 2007 Download

Denmai Shudo Review

Book review of Japanese master practitioner’s Denmai Shudo’s latest book, first published in Journal of Chinese Medicine

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JCM article on AC sans front

Different authors comment on tsunami relief project

 Danny Maxwell, Mike Cassidy, Oran Kivity Download

Baby Centre Malaysia

A week by week guide to your pregnancy

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